About Mare Safety

Mare Safety was established in 1999 and is located in the middle of the Norwegian maritime cluster. With our integrated production facilities, we are proud to be a professional provider of high-quality rescue boats and galleys to the marine industry. We supply a range of products worldwide, and are THE SAFE CHOICE for our customers.

MOB boats

Over the years, Mare have established competance and experience through developing, manufacturing, and outfitting a significant number of specialized lifeboats and rescue crafts for the offshore industry. More than 500 Man-Over-Board (MOB) boats of various size and function have been designed and tailor made in accordance to specific customer requirements. Our boats are often recognized by the yellow colour, and all of them are designed in compliance with the most recent SOLAS standards.


Mare Safety has delivered complete galleys and galley equipment since our beginning in 1999. We have developed a portifolio of reliable manufacturers of high quality equipment. Our team of experts have long experience and are ready assist our clients for any kind of galley, laundry or kitchen project